Friday, May 17, 2013

Nutrition Module 1

Picture of some of my pages of definitions
10 pages later.....  finished Nutrition Module 1!  :)  Lots of writing definitions down and then answering questions with more definitions!  Onto Midwifery Module 2 which will be lots of reading as I mentioned in this post. :)


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Month of April

Packages at the Postoffice! :)

I just got back my work for the month of April in a package- hence the picture from the movie "Larkrise to Candleford" which I've been enjoying this month with my sisters.  "My one weakness". :)  Anyhow back to the subject at hand, during the month of April I completed Anatomy and Physiology 1, Scripture Study 4, Midwifery Module 1, Midwifery Vocabulary 4, and Midwifery Vocabulary 5.  Much to my delight- I received A+s on all my work and an A on Anatomy and Physiology!!  :)

So far for the month of May, I've taken off two weeks of studying and just come back to it.  I've completed Scripture Study 5 and have been working on Nutrition 2.  For the Nutrition module we're going through a book called "Discovering Nutrition" as well as a few other books.  As soon as I finish this Nutrition module I am going to go onto Midwifery Module 2 which is reading one of my already favorite books, "The Birth Book" which is by the Sears.  

Well, I'm really looking forward to learning more this month and it's exciting to be nearly onto the Basic Skills Modules! :)


Nutrition Image from Google