Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This Week~

What I've been doing this week~
**Warning: This is a much longer post then usual!**
I'd love to know what you all think though....  What kind of posts do you prefer reading on blogs?  Please share! :) 

Starting Chapter 2 of Optimal Care in Childbirth:

Leaning more about Evidence Based Practice and other sorts of studies:

 Study Questions from the Discussion:

Discovering the pros and cons of different studies: Observational, Evidence Based, Experimental, and RCTs:
With MIA work....  I've been studying Nutrition and reading up on Essential oils in spare time...  I received back my work from last month and am excited to go through that!

 Aside from Midwifery....  I've been doing Ancient History with these three cuties.... :)  We just finished studying Egypt and now we're onto Israel. 

Thanks to this great audio series!!  Jonathan Park! :)  Also Google Earth which is one of my favorite programs I've ever installed on the computer!  Now we can "go" to all the places we are studying!!

Here's a picture of the craft Judah, Havilah, and Benjamin did together.  We studied the Dead Sea Caves and the story of Jericho's walls tumbling down.

Some other things I've been enjoying include....

  • Playing with my new little friend:
  • Practicing Harp~ this is how I exercise! :)
  • Reading Return to the Hiding Place ~ People, this is an amazing book!!  The movie on the book (which I've seen) is coming out later this year!  Maybe I'll do a post on this later on, but the movie itself was convicting and the book is simply amazing.  Get it and read it - especially if you have read "The Hiding Place".
  • Enjoying spending time with my family (even when that involves burying a goat and drenching the other ones with calcium drench until you smell like it!):
Judah's eyelid surgery was successful! Praise the Lord!!

  • And last, but not least....  setting aside time each week to worship and celebrate Yeshua!  'Cause HE is the One!!  Praise the Lord!
How did we manage to get all three sisters in this picture?  :)
Thank you for reading this post!  Hope you have a wonderfully, blessed, and productive week!  Don't forget to remember Yeshua though during the week!!  :)  Because without Him we are nothing.

Until Next Time,


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book Disscussion Underway!

I meant to update this blog a week ago, but then didn't get around to doing so...  better late then never, right!?

This past week I started the book "Optimal Care in Childbirth" and have also just joined a discussion group with 9 other young ladies that are also doing a study on this book-- most of them arein different midwifery/doula programs.  This gives me an "in progress" check mark to another book in my "Midwifery Want to Read this Year List". 

So without further adieu, here are some pictures from this week...

 Studying discussion sections of Chapter 1~
Someone made me a cute smiley face and smiley heart on my papers!

Submitting some of my thoughts onto the group page~
Hmmm...  what is Goer's definition? :)

Getting back into the swing of things-- I finished compiling what I want to accomplish this February, March, and into April.... I find it really nice to see a list of things I need to finish and then check 'em off as I go along, but then of course you probably already know that!!

Anyone want to do Basic Skills with me??  :)

Well, that's all for now...  I need to get back to submitting my thoughts into the book discussion!

Until Next Time,