Friday, May 23, 2014

Immortal, Invisible, by Laura Story

Immortal, You are not are like a man
That you change your mind
or change your plan
Invisible, our human eyes can't see
The Depths of your majesty

You're the God of forever and ever amen
The alpha, omega, beginning and end
We sing hallelujah
We worship in awe
Immortal, invisible God

Immortal, You are not bound by death
You're the living God, my very breath
Invisible you are not bound by space
But your glory is filling this place
Yes your glory is filling this place

Immortal yet you once died for me, 
to pay my debt to set me free
Invisible you will not always be
Cause you’re coming to reign as our king
And the saints will fall down at your feet

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Picture Update

Guess what I finally finished!!!  This time around the questions were hard!  It seemed to take forever, but I finally made it through each tiny, minute details for the Digestive System!  :)

Here are all the completed pages!  I always average about 10 pages, but this module took up 15 pages~ whew!  


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Picture Update

Life Lately.... as far as Midwifery studies goes can be summed up in one word: Nutrition

On another note, go and enter my flexi giveaway here.  If you follow this blog you get an entry!  Because eventually I will only be posting on this blog and my sisters and I will be ending that blog. :)


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

First Birth of the Year

So I attended a birth today!  Ok, so it was a goat, but that still counts~ doesn't it?

After a lovely afternoon walk with my youngest siblings~ we came around the trail and saw one of the other goats on it's own~ I told my siblings "I bet I know where Shirah is" (I'd already noticed the goat getting near so I knew she was heading in that direction)  They asked if she was kidding!  I told them we'd go find out~ we walked into the barn and ta-da!  Perfect timing!  "She's kidding!"

Alright, if you are squeamish-- close your eyes and scroll to the bottom of this post...  if not you may continue. :)

We walked in to see the goat having contractions~ and those are the hoofs coming forward~ PERFECT!!!!  I'm so glad she had the kid facing the proper way~ YES!

A little more progress and at this point I could see the kid's tongue and a little breathing (more relief!  The last twins were born too early with complications and died).

At this point my family thought the goat needed some "help" as she sat down and she's rather small in size.  I decided that gloves were a must for this part.  You can guess what I'm doing.....  or ask me in person...  we'll just say here that it helped the last part of the kidding go well and the head come out.

The whole kid is out!!  Wow, would you look at me~ wearing earrings to the event~ how glamorous.  Oh and there's my other hand...  I didn't wear a glove on that one-- I mean at that point you're so involved and dirty it's like who cares?  I'm taking a shower later anyways!  In this picture I'd just cleared an airway for the goat.

Amniotic fluid  EVERYWHERE!  And it was yellow too....  Never seen it yellow before (anyone know why?).  In the picture below I was just getting ready to put some iodine on it's umbilical cord and Bethany is petting the mom goat who was a little hyped over her first kidding- Thankfully she is doign great now!
Here is Judah!  He was so helpful and adorable!  I think he's a natural at this.... after all he was born on a farm!  He's keeping the kid warm for us and trying to get the mom to take a look at her kid.

Finally, sucess!  We got the baby on the mom!!  She was so full that she was uncomfortable so I milked her out a bit and Bethany held her down.  The kid was able to latch on and she drank a lot of milk!

And now I have to end with this adorable picture of Mr. Judah!  He informed me this evening that he would like to go out and check them in the morning with me because he wants to see if the baby goat "will have anymore fur"-- sounds like a good reason, right?  :)


Monday, May 5, 2014

International Midwives' Day!

This morning I just found out that today is "International Midwives' Day"!  Midwives' Day was first celebrated 22 years ago and is observed in 50 nations all around the world.... so.....  HAPPY MIDWIVES' DAY!