Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

I'm reposting this from Google Plus with a few added in pictures. :)

I'm so Thankful for the Father the Lord has blessed me with for the past 23 years! :)

Happy Father's Day, Daddy -- from the daughter who first welcomed you to fatherhood!!!  :)


May Adonai bless you and keep you.
May Adonai make his face shine on you and show you his favor.
May Adonai lift up his face toward you and give you peace.
(Numbers 6:24-26)

I love you!"


Friday, June 6, 2014

Now Keep it That Way! | Deluttering Bit by Bit

 So Today.....

I conquered a large section of decluttering the girls' room in our house!  Having a clean room is so nice~ it gives you a fresh mind and a brighter look on life rather then feeling weighed down with a mess all around!  This weekend my cousin is coming from out of state for a visit so with that in mind-- I had all the inspiration I needed to thoroughly clean our barn-- oops, bedroom and declutter it at the same time!

So here are some clean up tips I learned today as I did a deep clean to our room!

The Sock pile up
  1. If you don't need it, don't know what it is, or don't use it-- then why do you have it?
  2. Socks: If they don't match- don't keep them.  Better to have no socks then to have mismatched ones!  Who wears socks during the summer anyways?  Keep a few pairs in your draw for those must needed sock days.
  3. Dress for the Season!  When it's Summer put away your winter clothing in a storage container- you will be amazed at the room that suddenly appears for all your cooler summery items!
    Goodbye Winter!
  4.  Inspire Yourself!  If you have extra clothing that you don't need anymore you can try your hand at selling it....  there are so many different venues from groups for your area on Facebook and Ebay to online consignment shops like ThredUp who sells your clothing for you! 
    Clothes for sale! :)
    Request a free "Clean Out Bag" from ThredUp!!
  5. Be a cheerful giver!  They say one man's "trash" is another man's treasure.  Try making someone's day by offering them some hand-me-downs.  Who doesn't like new clothes? 
  6.  Special Items.... Sentimental things are hard to get rid of sometimes!!  So, keep what's really, really special to you!  Like that card where your little brother first wrote "I love you" on...  yeah keep it!  :)  Don't be a pack rat and keep every single little piece of paper, drawing, or card though!  Remember these sorts of things are not forever-- relationships are.  So only keep the little things that are super special! 
  7. Organization is your Friend!!  It's a beautiful thing! :)  Organize, organize, organize, and keep it that way!
    Summer Skirts/Summer Blouses organized in the front of the closet for easy reach.  A few winter items are still hanging up, but the majority of them have been packed away.
  8. Set aside time to declutter-- and don't feel like you have to clean your entire house in one day!!  Pick a room, turn on some music, or listen to an inspiring message (like I did!), and go at it!!  If you still need some more energy and inspiration to clean-- try inviting your cousin over.  ;-)
  9. Feel accomplished- it's a great feeling and it even feels better to go and tell your mother that your room is clean--  she'll love that-- I promise!
    "Hey, Mommy!  Look!!"
  10. You did it!!  Now keep it that way!  :)  I hope you've enjoyed Part 1 of my decluttering post!  Of course this is Part 1 because someday I know there will be a Part 2.  :)  Feel free to follow my blog if you'd like to read more posts like this in the future and drop me a comment if this post made you laugh, cry, inspired you, or was just what you needed to boost your cleaning creativity! :) 


Happy Cleaning!!