Monday, November 17, 2014

Midwifery Monday: Basic Chemistry

I just realized that the last time I posted was October 20th and now it's almost November 20th!  So once again, I'm overdue for another post. :) Today, I'm just going to give a picture update of what I've been studying especially since this section isn't really my cup of tea.  

Hello, Chemistry!  I'm quite pleased with myself that I made it through High School without ever having to study Chemistry in Science, but lo and behold of course it ends up being an essential in midwifery.  I keep reminding myself that the chapter reads "Some Basic Chemistry".  So it's *some* and not too much...  whew!  Oh, and it's Basic!  Wow, I can't imagine having to do Advance.  :)  Enjoy my picture update and hopefully soon I'll be sharing a few more words with this blog.

Proof :)

Yes, I know my circles are not exactly circles!  The important thing, though is that those dots are protons and orbitals. 

Chemistry is similar to Nutrition....  they both take up many, many pages of writing!

Until next time then,


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