Tuesday, January 13, 2015

At My Finger Tips - Literally!

It's a brand new year!  Welcome 2015! :)  This week I'm in prep mode for an upcoming visit of three of my lovely cousins and trying to finish as much of my chemistry module as possible so I can have the time off when they are here (insert lots of excitement here!!!)!

So, that's my chemistry spread....  finally I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel-- knowing I'm nearly done is exciting!  Right now I'm just writing pages and pages of chemistry answers down.  A recent study a friend shared with me proved that writing information down helps people retain the info better.  It's a paper and pen thing too!!  No, typing-- writing.  Of course, my wise father had already taught me that back when I was having trouble passing tests so I have a head start already!

Besides chemistry, I'm stoked to be sending off some of my hats and a scarf to Jerusalem with a shipment my congregation is sending!  There is a ministry in my congregation called Tikvah Rabah that reaches out to the Holocaust survivors and most recently the poor in Israel with Abundant Hope International and Yeshua's Fresh Bread.  Here are my 2014 hats and one random scarf:

 Here are some of my 2015 projects!  First the use-it-up scarf!  This Granny Square scarf was made out of yarn scraps basically!  It was also very quick and easy to make.

Currently on my finger tips is this green scarf.  The Waffle Stitch makes for a wonderful scarf because the stitch creates almost a double layer so the scarf is extra comfy and warm!  Then I used Triple Crochet since it's a very tall stitch one of the tallest I know (I'll have to learn the Tall Texan sometime!) it also helps make a scarf *very* fast!

Lastly, you might have noticed a sudden blog name change... I've been thinking about it for awhile and decided to work on a name change.  Right now it says my name in Hebrew-- one of the three words I can recognize in Hebrew characters(!!), but I'm working on putting up a new name very soon....  if you have any ideas- let me know in the comments!

Back to the finger tips topic....  What's at your Finger Tips?  :)


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