Monday, January 26, 2015

Midwifery Monday: New Adventures

It's officially time for another Midwifery Monday post!!  This past week I finally finished my Chemistry chapter (insert tons of excitement here)!  I think this chapter is wining so far in page count... with 24 handwritten pages I was hoping that handwriting could be included in the final grade.  So, far I don't know my grade, but I am most certainly looking forward to finding it out next month!!  Here are some random study pictures~

Mmmm...  my sister left out a plate of cookies right where I was working...  :) :)

This a proven and effective way to study and do written work on something you'd rather not be doing! :)

With Chemistry behind me and finally under my belt-- I am now reading a book about the Bradley Method of Husband Coached Natural Childbirth.  So far it has been incredibly interesting!

My next "adventure" is diving into some Basic Skills!  I'm starting with Pulse and Respiration on myself and then moving into Knee-jerk Reflex as well as looking for some guinea pigs (maybe you?) to check out their overall heath as far as pulse, respiration, and reflex goes!  I hope no one ends up with a 0 on reflex. :)  Maybe if I have time in the coming month I'll get into working on blood pressure as well!  

Hope you enjoyed this update of Midwifery Monday and hopefully we will have more this year and on future Mondays! :)


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